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[Midnight Rambling] Little Things That Matter

It is when I realize that you always wait for me to go home before you get yourself going home.
No matter how late I stay.
You don't know how much it means to me.
How it warms my heart to know you're still there before I leave.
To know that I can say goodbye to you at the end of the day.

It is when you asked my opinion about tattoo designs you're about to choose.
I somewhat felt special to be involved to make that decision of yours.
Even though I suggested you that Tinker Bell picture instead.
Then you told me what kinda guy having Tinker Bell tattoo.
I never get it how you always comply with what norms said.

It is when you noticed my scars.
You didn't say a word until I admitted it first.
It wasn't because of the cooking, as you thought before.
It was the bloody stairs.
But I thank you for that attention.

And it is the way you smile at me, look at me, laugh at me,
It is our late night conversation,
It is the same music taste we've got,
And those sushi nights …

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