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Turning 25 : Things I've Learned

Well, today I'm freaking 25 and I don't know what to feel. Some people don't like getting older but me..... I would say that I love myself both now and when I was younger. Every age has its own phase, joy, and sorrow. I used to be afraid of getting old. Five years ago my wish was to be 20 forever. Adulting seemed so hard and uneasy.

The truth is... it is freaking hard with all the responsibilities but I also realize that getting older means getting wiser, having more knowledge and experiences, having my own money (more than I had when in college), knowing how to improve my look (read: to put on some eyeliner, brows, and lipstick lol), also having better sense of fashion (hopefully). So yea, I'm enjoying this so called quarter life crisis so far and still going through it.

But I'd proudly say that there is some things I learned before turning 25 that I want to share with the readers of this blog. It is summarized from my life guide, value, and principles I hold. An…

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